Atomic Meat Tenderizer
Atomic Meat Tenderizer

June Moon Spice Company

Atomic Meat Tenderizer

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  • Why trust your expensive meat to a cheap mass produced tenderizer that doesn't work? This is a fresh POWERFUL meat tenderizer and flavorful seasoning. The SECRET to making tender cooked meats!
  • PERFECT for seasoning and tenderizing steak and other cuts of beef and pork.
  • You will not be disappointed. This is our family's 17 year old "TRIED AND TRUE" meat tenderizing recipe. We carefully make this by blending garlic, onion, paprika, rosemary, celery salt and natural sugars.
  • A FRESHNESS seal applied to FRESH immediately after blending to lock in flavor and zest. TASTE the PREMIUM difference!
  • Gluten free. No MSG. 5.5 oz BPA free shaker bottle with both pour and sift options.