General Tso's Sauce
General Tso's Sauce

June Moon Spice Company

General Tso's Sauce

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  • Wish you could make that legendary "take out" General Tso's Chicken at home? Now you can with this mythical Chinese GENERAL TSO'S sauce! It's spicier and zestier than ordinary orange chicken sauce. Enjoy!
  • We carefully make this MOUTHWATERING sauce with soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and Hoisin sauce with hints of garlic, red pepper, ginger and chicken bouillon!
  • PERFECT for finishing chicken, wings, BBQ, hibachi or stir fry. Also makes a great DIPPING SAUCE!
  • A double FRESHNESS seal applied to FRESH ingredients immediately after blending to lock in flavor and zest. TASTE the PREMIUM difference!
  • Buy today and enjoy! BPA free sturdy 12 fluid ounce bottle comes with reusable screw flavor lock cap.