Firecracker Sauce
Firecracker Sauce

June Moon Spice Company

Firecracker Sauce

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  • FIRECRACKER SAUCE is a DELICIOUS and FAMOUS sweet-heat combination! A perfect pairing of Asian heat and sweetness. Imagine finishing wings, shrimp or a stir fry in this CROWD PLEASING sauce!
  • A PERFECT alternative for those who don't like acidity burning hot sauces. This sauce has the perfect level of heat with deep flavors and an undertone of sweetness. It's also a great dipping sauce and wonderful on pizza and eggs!
  • You will not be disappointed. This is our family's 17 year old "TRIED AND TRUE" sauce recipe.
  • A double FRESHNESS seal applied to FRESH ingredients immediately after blending to lock in maximum flavor and zest. TASTE the PREMIUM difference!
  • Buy today and enjoy! The 12 oz. BPA free sturdy bottle comes with a reusable screw flavor lock cap.