The BBB Turkey Method!

Do you want to make the perfect Thanksgiving turkey? If so, we’ll make it easy!  We enjoy Thanksgiving dinner so much that we make a turkey EVERY Sunday for our family. So, you can trust us, we know a thing or two about making turkey. It’s easy, just follow our BBB method:

  • B - Buy a quality turkey
  • B - Brine and season
  • B - Bake correctly

 Buy a Quality Turkey

  • Buy a quality turkey without artificial flavors or added preservatives.

  • Some turkeys are labeled self-basting and often come injected with a solution that has artificial flavors. We shamelessly like to use our own premium seasoning!

  • Smaller turkeys tend to be more tender. If you have numerous guests, make 2 smaller turkeys. We try to keep all our turkeys under 9 pounds.

  • We’ve found that female turkeys (hens) tend to have better flavor than male turkeys (toms).

  • Keep an eye on the expiration date. If buying fresh, you should have at least several extra weeks prior to expiration.

  • We can’t tell the difference between a frozen turkey (properly brined at home) and fresh. However, keep in mind that frozen turkeys may take several days to thaw.

 Brine and Season

  • Brine the turkey overnight in water by using ¾ cup of salt and ¾ cup of vinegar.

  • Make sure the turkey is fully submerged in water and leave it sit on the counter, in a tightly covered pan, overnight. The salt and vinegar will prevent it from spoiling. If leaving it out of refrigerator worries you (and it shouldn’t) you can take it out at least 6 hours prior to cooking.

  • It’s critical to bring the turkey to room temperature prior to baking. If it’s still cold on the inside, you’ll need to almost burn the outside to get the inside done. Ugg.

  • It’s time to season the turkey (our favorite part)!  Liberally rub your seasoning ALL over the turkey including the legs and the inside cavity. As a fair amount runs off during cooking, every square inch of the turkey should be densely coated with seasoning. Turkey is naturally bland. Thus, it’s a PERFECT spice delivery vehicle!

Bake Correctly

  • Bake the turkey in a broiler pan at 325 degrees until the internal temperature reaches 145 degrees.

  • If you don’t have a broiler pan, put carrots or potatoes or something under the turkey. The point is: you don’t want the bottom of the turkey touching the pan. It will get soggy and not cook properly.

  • Take the turkey out of the oven and let it sit covered with a towel for at least 30 minutes.

  • During this time, the internal temperature will continue to rise and reach about 165 degrees and the juices will disperse evenly throughout the turkey.

  • It’s very important to make sure your meat thermometer is placed in the right position. It needs to be in the thickest part of the turkey thigh. BTW - don’t rely on those pop-up things that some companies put in the turkey. They never work right and are calibrated at too high a temperature resulting in an over done bird.

That’s it. Enjoy! Just remember June Moon’s “BBB” method and your meal will undoubtedly be spectacular!

Happy Thanksgiving!

June Moon Spice Company