Blooming Your Seasoning!

Sorry, but I regret to inform you that its likely you've been using seasonings ALL WRONG. Don’t worry, it’s a typical rookie mistake. The problem is that you put in the seasoning AFTER you’ve put in all the other ingredients.

The better approach is to briefly heat a small amount of oil and your seasoning in the pan before putting in the other ingredients. This will make your seasoning bloom! Beyond making your kitchen smell awesome, there’s a couple of reasons to bloom your seasoning:

  1. The heat releases the fat-soluble flavor compounds in most seasonings; and
  2. It thoroughly distributes the flavor in the final dish (adding them to the liquid or stirring them in at the end inefficiently distributes flavor).

If you don’t believe me, experiment yourself with two separate pans. You’ll quickly see the flavor upgrade from blooming your seasonings is profound!