How to Make REAL Popcorn!

C’mon…..microwave popcorn isn’t as good and you know it!  Don’t be lazy….make some REAL popcorn!

Real popcorn is MOUTHWATERING and DELICIOUS! But to make it you'll need to master a few subtle techniques. Once mastered, your popcorn will be the stuff of LEGEND! You'll be the ultimate SNACKMASTER!

Real popcorn is made on the stove top in a large sturdy pot. Unlike what’s out there on the internet, real popcorn actually requires some subtle finessing. 

Here’s how to do it:

1.  Use a large sturdy pot, like the one you use to boil water. Anything from a 6-quart to a 12-quart pot will do (you don’t want to use anything too heavy because you’ll need to lift and shake a few times). The pot just has to be large enough for the popcorn to percolate to the top as it pops, similar to a movie theater popcorn machine. The pot needs to be big enough to create space for popped kernels to rise, while the un-popped kernels stay in the oil on the bottom.

2.  Now fill your chosen pot with enough oil to completely cover the bottom of the pan with about 1/4 inch of oil (or the thickness of your popcorn kernels).

3.  Next, add popcorn so that the kernels are just barely above the level of the oil. This is the secret technique to make the popcorn extra crispy.

4.  After you’ve added the popcorn and oil, turn the heat to HIGH.

5.  When the popping starts, you’ll need to pay attention so make sure your popcorn bowl and seasoning are handy.

6.  Put the lid on the pot, listen and watch. Don’t mess around with the pan yet, leave it undisturbed until the popped popcorn almost reaches the top.

7.  Action time! Lift the pot and quickly tilt it over the popcorn bowl. Remove the lid as soon as the popcorn reaches the top and allow the top layer of popcorn to spill over into your popcorn bowl.

8.  Place the lid on pan and place the pan back on the heat. Shake vigorously.

9.  This technique allows the un-popped kernels to move back to the bottom of the pot. In addition, the popped popcorn won't sit and burn, or get soggy, while the remaining kernels pop.

10. Now, repeat this process until there are few kernels left. Let the popcorn pop undisturbed until it reaches the top of the pot, then take the lid off, dump some out, and replace the lid back and shake vigorously. After a few minutes, turn the heat down to MEDIUM so the popcorn doesn’t burn.

11. Now it’s time to season the popcorn!  When it comes to popcorn seasoning, we know a thing or two because we run a popcorn seasoning company! See:

12. Whatever seasoning you choose, you MUST apply it in layers. Each time you pour the top of the popcorn off, season it. When you’re finished, you’ll have perfect layers of seasoned popcorn and a consistent taste from top to bottom.

 Learn these techniques and you’ll be the legendary popcorn SNACKMASTER!


June Moon Spice Company